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Keep India Clean Campaign cum Pledge

India is our country.
All those who wish that their homeland is green and a better place to live in,
Please join in and take a pledge of not littering the roads and throwing the waste only in the bins.

Join either by liking or posting your comment.
Share with others and make a difference as every drop makes the ocean…

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Our revered P.M, Mr Modi (I’d rather refer to him as Modi ji as that’s what suits him more and makesfinal_logo_(1) him more of a person like us.. 😉 ) launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October. This made me happy. Not only because the task of cleanliness was taken up seriously but because I’ve already been keeping my surroundings clean much before the Campaign started. I so appreciate the efforts of Modi ji. Atleast people will now think a bit about the matter (that’s what I assume).People like me didn’t need a formal or an official campaign to remind ourselves that we need to keep our surroundings clean, more so, our INDIA clean. I never throw even a toffee wrapper on the road. It happily travels with me to my home incase I donot find a dustbin.

This campaign has brought about a change for sure but there are definitely a few who are unwilling to change their rigid mentality. I wonder why! This chunk includes educated people too.
With money does not come civic sense.Here’s the proof: People steering in their cars do spit out on roads or in other cases throw away the wrappers/fruit peelings and other gunk on the road. Civic sense is something that comes from within, something that cannot be preached or forced upon. Education & awareness plays an important role too. Unless people are taught from the very beginning that this is the most basic thing we must or rather, should do, we can’t expect others to do the same. Change comes when each one of us makes an effort.
The reason I wrote this was because the dirt around and the careless attitude of the few people (yes, those careless chunk of society that I mentioned) makes me fearful of the future of the nation. At the end of the day, it is we who appreciate the foreign nations and talk incessantly  about the cleanliness. Infact, these very people (I’m not saying all) won’t dare to throw a piece of paper in a foreign country whereas the same people would shamelessly litter on the domestic roads.strict-monitoring-of-cleanliness-under-way-1353270303-8302
We cannot expect a change unless we are a part of it. “Be the change you wish to see” fits perfectly here. I firmly believe in this because if not us, then, who and if not now, then, when? We can’t be cribbers all through our lives.

We got to decide whether we want to live in filth forever or in a clean environment.

Be the accelerators of growth and not decelerators, Indians!

Free of Corruption?


It’s been more than 70 years since we are independent but there’s something that gnaws me from within and a little question always bothers me, viz. after independence, are we really free from corruption?

 CORRUPTION– the big monster! It is the indeed the root cause of all problems. I really wonder when will my country develop and be a super power and ultimately, my heart shrinks when the newspaper blares about the scams. What an irony that those who raise their voices against the wrongdoers are demoted from their jobs. A great deal at that!

While watching a comedy show, I heard a person saying that “These days, work cannot be done without bribing” . I suppose that is just an excuse to escape the efforts.And I promote the idea given in that very show that if we can shoot videos of actors, then why not make a video of such wrongful acts and let it go viral via media and social networking sites?

More than that, exercise your right to Vote. Always remember that every vote counts and show the power of honesty by choosing the right person.This is what I call the Power of us’. Image

Yes, together we can do it!

We need to come out with pragmatic solutions instead of being watchdogs or partners in crime. It’s high time that we become responsible citizens. We need to be the first movers and have dynamic approaches. It’s is a heartfelt appeal to the readers to pledge once and for all that they would never in their lifetime bribe anyone for any work whatsoever and will try their best to bring forth the shameful acts. Then only, I suppose the purpose of life be fulfilled since the real purpose of life is to follow the right path and this is just a simple way to achieve it. I really hope that if not all, then at least a few people are influenced by my words. “Working towards a corruption-free India”

Jai HindImage

YOU are responsible

Global Warming is not a local issue but a global issue

Yes, you read it right. This time my words would be direct and not sugar coated. YOU are responsible for global warming. It’s not YOU alone but many like you. It’s easy to play a blame game but difficult to swallow the truth. Is the West responsible more than anyone else? Definitely yes but YOU are no less. Incessant pollution, deforestation and what not…. I cant even think of what YOU are doing. Are YOU in your senses? Or can YOU go to any extent to satisfy your needs? YOU selfish HUMAN! It’s high time when YOU wake up man! YOU are the root cause and you got to accept the fact without contradicting it. Will YOU ever do something or sleep over it. Don’t YOU remember, “We’ve not inherited Earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from future generations”? Isn’t that enough?
After all, WHEN? JUST WHEN?
Forget about big steps take small measures atleast. Come on now! Make sure YOU are not a liability on this planet. If others don’t do anything Just DO IT and let’s ALL make it happen.

Anti Crackers Diwali

Anti Crackers DiwaliI am very proud to state that this time my Diwali was completely an anti-crackers one. It was all the more pleasing to read about the drop in sales of crackers along with the decrease in the air pollution level in many cities across the country. It clearly shows that the mindset of the people is changing.

What can be a better piece of news than this?

Yes, we are being the change and definitely we all can collectively do it. It’s not about simply reading about environment conservation and sleeping over it. It’s a matter of taking an action NOW. Little steps go a long way in determining our future…

Spending huge amounts on crackers alone is nothing to flaunt. Instead that is foolishness and nothing else. So; respect for all those who were environment friendly this year and let it be our responsibility to inspire others to refrain from anti-environment activities.

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