Free of Corruption?


It’s been more than 70 years since we are independent but there’s something that gnaws me from within and a little question always bothers me, viz. after independence, are we really free from corruption?

 CORRUPTION– the big monster! It is the indeed the root cause of all problems. I really wonder when will my country develop and be a super power and ultimately, my heart shrinks when the newspaper blares about the scams. What an irony that those who raise their voices against the wrongdoers are demoted from their jobs. A great deal at that!

While watching a comedy show, I heard a person saying that “These days, work cannot be done without bribing” . I suppose that is just an excuse to escape the efforts.And I promote the idea given in that very show that if we can shoot videos of actors, then why not make a video of such wrongful acts and let it go viral via media and social networking sites?

More than that, exercise your right to Vote. Always remember that every vote counts and show the power of honesty by choosing the right person.This is what I call the Power of us’. Image

Yes, together we can do it!

We need to come out with pragmatic solutions instead of being watchdogs or partners in crime. It’s high time that we become responsible citizens. We need to be the first movers and have dynamic approaches. It’s is a heartfelt appeal to the readers to pledge once and for all that they would never in their lifetime bribe anyone for any work whatsoever and will try their best to bring forth the shameful acts. Then only, I suppose the purpose of life be fulfilled since the real purpose of life is to follow the right path and this is just a simple way to achieve it. I really hope that if not all, then at least a few people are influenced by my words. “Working towards a corruption-free India”

Jai HindImage


  1. Badlaav lane ke liye sirf ek aadmi hi kafi hota hai

    • And a collective effort can bring a miracle too.

  2. Well, one can’t be sure of anyone in the present state of affairs. Cannot vouch for anyone’s honesty too. But this does not mean that everyone in the nation is corrupt. There are those who make an honest living and work for the well being of the nation.
    Personally, I am impressed by Mr. Modi who seems to be concerned about the nation but as I said before, cannot really vouch for anyone’s integrity.
    Mr. Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and many others stand against corruption.
    The responsibility of the nation is a big one. Every politician follows a different approach. It would be wrong to completely ignore what the present Govt. has done over a couple of years.

    By the way, thanks for loving our country. I love it too.

  3. What do you think of Mr. Modi? We lived in Ahmedabad for 4 months so we heard a lot about his stand against corruption? I was not impressed with Gandhi or Dr. Singh. Do you mind sharing your thoughts with me? Namaste. . .. Anne I love incredible India!

  4. Great post! India is filled with corruption at all levels, as a result bribery has become the norm in society. The government needs to address this widespread problem and take drastic action as soon as possible.

    • Completely agree with you. We must also ensure that we ourselves are honest enough so as to root it out of our nation.
      At our own levels, we can make a difference.
      Happy reading to you and thanks for your participating.

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