Smoke Thrills but Kills

The Age Old dictum rightly goes “Smoke thrills but kills.” Indeed, smoking is lethal to health both to the puffer and the passive smoker.Youngsters smoke with the urge to follow their peers, relieving themselves from tension as we’re all living in a very stressful world and they also do so to try something thrilling. In their quest to fulfill their urge, the puffers do not realize that they are not only putting their life in danger but also the life of others. Smoking is not only addictive but also self harming.

Speaking of human health, cigarettes and other smoking devices contain tobacco and cause much irreparable loss to lungs, throat and other body parts. It causes cancer and other ailments. The life-span of puffers is much shorter as compared to that of others.

Statistics suggest that smoking kills around 1,14,000 people in the UK each year.

One roll of a cigarette contains more than 4000 chemical compounds and at least 400 toxic substances. When one inhales, a cigarette burns at 700°C at the tip and around 60°C in the core. The heat which is generated breaks down the tobacco to produce various toxins.

Moving on to the environment side, smoke causes pollution because of the harmful toxins emitted in the otherwise clean air. People should quit smoking as soon as possible. It’s high time when they learn self control and lead a better life. There are even techniques of coming out of this through self help programmes, psychiatrists,etc. Incase a person has to smoke, then he must go in for harmless cigarettes which are developed for highly addicted people.

I hope that by reading this small piece, atleast 1 person quits smoking. I would get a real sense of accomplishment then. Let’s become aware and spread awareness. Let us also pledge to never smoke in our lives and to try out best to stop others from doing so.

If not for your sake, then please, for the sake of your mothers, children, wives,etc, quit smoking. Save the lives of others and yourself for a better, healthy and a wonderful life.



Lifestyle of youngsters

Gen YThe young generation has got an altogether different form of lifestyle. While few get up late and enjoy their life to the fullest, the others burn the midnight oil to achieve the desired goals of life. Some of them become a victim of drug addiction. The addicts get into constant usage of cigarettes, etc because according to them it makes them feel out of the world. They live in a different world and feel “high”. They might do such things as an attempt to do something enthralling because of wrong peer pressure, academic ore otherwise pressure from society or parents. In many cases parents fail to understand the psyche of their child and hence he becomes an introvert and is unable to express himself freely. He then does not know what is right and wrong. However, tension is the root cause of the evil. Youngsters are experiencing a lot of tension mainly because of the education system. This system believes more in rote learning and not understanding. The one who rotes the book to the fullest brags with the highest percentage and the one who tries to understand the meaning of the things has a fairly low chance of even passing the exam. Education becomes exciting only when there’s something new to learn and when one understands the meaning of what he studies. Learning and then repeating like a parrot will help us to achieve the highest marks but we will lack the essential components of life. Many of the young people even commit suicide because of dissatisfaction with their academic marks or when they fail. Is securing 100% marks the only thing in life? Is getting less than that mean a person is nil? Or does it mean the end of life? There are so many cases in our country wherein innocent students of grade 8, 9, etc commit suicide and many times wrong behaviour of the authorities also plays a role. When a child becomes unruly, does it mean that he has to be rusticated? Recently an 8th grader in Mumbai committed a suicide only because the principal was ready to expel him from the school and wanted to contact his parents immediately. Such things are very disheartening.
Moving on to work, the Generation “Y” also called Gen Y or Gen Next very nicely combines the work at desk and entertainment. Such youngsters do their work sincerely and efficiently and at the same time enjoy their lives. These are the new ones but certain don’t even get a chance to enjoy or be a little free. They are over worked, so much to the extent that they become dejected and try to put an end to their lives.
This was the bitter truth of the society. Throwing light on the spending capacity, I am sure that the youngsters have a lot of spending capacity in terms of buying latest and costliest gizmos, SUVs, bikes and catching up the latest fashion. They are trapped in the cobweb of show off. They are unable to break the complicate bands of this web and they wont be able to break them off. Mind my words, this trend wont come to an end. Few out of the juvenile chunk are glued to their personal cell phones playing games, texting and the most important thing for them- networking. Such a lifestyle is not a healthy one wherein a person is addicted and has lost contact with the world and loves to be aloof.
One can also see few intelligent people whiling away their time doing nothing. This is also not good for a country because those who have the capability to do work are being devoid of it.
Change and development have to be brought about by these very people but when they are lost in themselves, what will happen to our India? The young blood has mammoth power to bring about an affirmative change in the society.

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