Free of Corruption?


It’s been more than 70 years since we are independent but there’s something that gnaws me from within and a little question always bothers me, viz. after independence, are we really free from corruption?

 CORRUPTION– the big monster! It is the indeed the root cause of all problems. I really wonder when will my country develop and be a super power and ultimately, my heart shrinks when the newspaper blares about the scams. What an irony that those who raise their voices against the wrongdoers are demoted from their jobs. A great deal at that!

While watching a comedy show, I heard a person saying that “These days, work cannot be done without bribing” . I suppose that is just an excuse to escape the efforts.And I promote the idea given in that very show that if we can shoot videos of actors, then why not make a video of such wrongful acts and let it go viral via media and social networking sites?

More than that, exercise your right to Vote. Always remember that every vote counts and show the power of honesty by choosing the right person.This is what I call the Power of us’. Image

Yes, together we can do it!

We need to come out with pragmatic solutions instead of being watchdogs or partners in crime. It’s high time that we become responsible citizens. We need to be the first movers and have dynamic approaches. It’s is a heartfelt appeal to the readers to pledge once and for all that they would never in their lifetime bribe anyone for any work whatsoever and will try their best to bring forth the shameful acts. Then only, I suppose the purpose of life be fulfilled since the real purpose of life is to follow the right path and this is just a simple way to achieve it. I really hope that if not all, then at least a few people are influenced by my words. “Working towards a corruption-free India”

Jai HindImage


Hazardours Cell Phone Towers

Hazards of Cell Phone Towers

Cell phones came as a boon for us but now we are having troubles with the cell phone towers. While few of them have been installed illegally, the legal ones are also not causing any less tribulation. These towers not only cause health hazards to humans but also to innocent animals and birds. The evident example is the decreasing number of house sparrows, which used to perch with their delicate wings on the bright days. The harmful electro magnetic radiations (EMRs) from the towers affect children and women the most adversely affecting their health. These EMRs cause tumour, skin cancer, DNA disorders, death, etc. Studies reveal more than this data. EMR can cause memory loss, headache, allergies, etc. The rays have a frequency of 1900 Mega Hertz which can easily penetrate human bodies. The standards set by the International Commission of Non-Iodised Radiationare not being followed by the mobile tower operators. They tend to provide services to customers but in turn deplete their health. Instead of help, they are rendering hell.
Shimla has recorded 118 towers out of which only 18 are legal. It’s not that the legal ones are not causing any problem. The guidelines say that such towers need to be installed beyond 500 metres (in radius) from the schools and congested areas. The government needs to wake up soon otherwise there would be serious repercussions on the society both health wise and bio-diversity wise. These towers cause electromagnetic Pollution also. Campaigns to save birds are launched but no one thinks about the other activities carried down. Inhabitants definitely can register a PIL and seek the redressal.

The Sealing of towers in Delhi is also a welcome step.

Showing off trends in youngsters

Show off among youngstersY-O-U-N-G-S-T-E-R-S: What world comes to your mind when I say this word?
Studies? No. Show-off? Yes! Youth are the future of any country that can take the country to the apex of success. The youth are the only human resources on which a country can depend. The country invests so much on the Youth/Work force but when it comes to their abilities, the result is not very encouraging. In this hectic 21st Century, gadgets are surrounding every individual. One actually doesn’t have time for himself and his family. All over you’ll see cell phones, pico-computers, X-boxes, i-pods, etc. Ironically, it seems as though the human body is made up of these ‘elements’. We all are so engrossed in this materialistic and mammoth world that we have lost our senses and become insane. We have gone to the extent of killing our beloved. It is pathetic to see small children getting involved in habits like smoking; terrorism, begging, etc. This is the condition of youth. What will happen to the nation then? The future of the country seems blurred.
Because of peer-pressure, every second day, teenagers demand from their parents something that they actually don’t need but they need because their pals have it. They might not ever use it but just to have a shoulder-to-shoulder race or to be at par with the better ones, they pressurize or why not say emotionally blackmail their parents to buy those unnecessary tools. The parents buy those superfluous things just to get a little smile on their child’s face and so that their child is not filled with hard feelings. Children (teenagers) on the other hand do not understand their parents’ psyche and just keep on demanding all the time. They want the latest gadget, which may not be even launched in their country but because they are “SUPER COOL” generation, they want everything.
In schools, stringent laws have been made not to carry mobile phones but children fearlessly do that without informing their parents about the same. Such kind of acts are ‘cool’ for them but they must realize that as time is passing by, they are getting trapped in the web-a web, which is far more complex than their thinking.
God never wanted humans to have differences but human psychology is such that he has categorized everyone as rich, poor, good/bad, etc. So, in order to come to the status of the so-called RICH, teenagers are getting involved in the show off business. The day is not far when the 21st century will be called “show-off century”.
It is now or never that teenagers can make or ruin their lives. Their future and their life lie in their hands. If the golden-time passes by, then none of the stars, etc will work to change their luck.
The pure air that one used to breathe few years ago now consists of show off elements and nothing else. I really can’t breathe in this world. Please help by changing this air to the former one!

Junk Food Ruining Youth

Junk FoodHealth is wealth. Nowadays, the people are tarnishing their own health by eating what we now call as junk food. People are stealing wealth from their own hands by eating such foodstuff. Why is the fast food known as junk food? It is because junk = trash = rubbish. We are mingling this trash in our wealth to ruin our health. It is said that healthy mind resides in a healthy body but when the unhealthy body is there, then what? No healthy mind then?
Every person has a fervor of having pizzas, burgers, etc but what about the homemade food? Is it a toxic which when consumed will become lethal? We are least concerned about our health. By eating junk, people get deprived of the nutrients they get from home cooked food. The cold drink, which is being drunk, contains pesticides and experts say, “Cold drinks mean toilet cleaner” and these very cold drinks dissolve calcium and enamel also.
Eating junk food causes many problems like obesity as the food contains innumerable amount of fats along with extra carbohydrates and salts. This even results in problems like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, anemia and many such detrimental problems. Eating fast food increases the possibility of cardiac problems in children also. The food that the people eat may contain contaminated stuff and many things that they might not be sentient of.
People relish such trash food and forget that they are jeopardizing their health. They trust the chefs preparing such foodstuff without even realizing about the consequences.
At each and every corner of the city, you’ll find youth sitting in hubs and ruining their health by eating all sorts of junk food. They are not even aware as to what type of ingredient has been put in their food.
The T.V. shows also show the ways in which things are cooked in cities and once you see them, you’ll leave fast food forever.
The old people are so vigorous and muscular that one sometimes doubt whether they are old or not. But when you see the condition of youth, you’ll be bemused to see their condition because they are so lazy and lethargic.
The food may be prepared unhygienically.

In the present scenario, we are having this junk food probably because of lack of time but we must understand that by eating such things we are inviting trouble. We must realize that we have the wealth of health in our own hands and can either make it or break it

Role Of Youth In Today’s Scenario

YoungstersThe youth has been described as the generation X, which is going to lead the nation and the world. They are encouraged by words like ‘leaders of tomorrow’. The world is in deep need of such people who hold the fervor of leading a nation or doing good deeds. In the present scenario of India, the nation is in deep need of intellectual youth. The present politicians on large are not suffice to lead the nation. Therefore, in order to develop the country, there’s an urgent need of youthful figures.
The young people have young blood, which can handle situations in a better way. According to the latest studies, youth are the ones who are aware of latest things, about which the old people may not be aware. The old saying, “slow and steady wins the race” has been replaced by, “fast and competent wins the race.”
Every person has his own ability. The new generation has many fine ideas of completing a task and has better leadership qualities, which many people don’t have. It is they who can take us out of the fix.
Young politicians need not have a political background. They need to have zeal and desire to serve the nation. It shouldn’t be on the basis of reservation quota. Neither layman should enter politics nor illiterates should enter it until and unless they understand what politics is all about. If backward groups have to be encouraged, it should be on the primary level.
It is pathetic that the youth is describing politics as a dirty game, which is not true. They are opting for professions like Doctors, Engineers, C.A., etc but hardly 1%-3% goes in politics. Why? Is it because they are reliable on our antiquated people who are holding antiquated thoughts and customs?
Politics means serving people and helping the backward communities to come forward and lead a better life.
Shows like LEAD INDIA are not made to increase the TRP or whatsoever but to aware the people that ‘yes, youth can do much more than what they expected them to do.’
If the youngsters don’t come up with new and better ideas, how will we progress? Won’t we be the same old people who don’t know what progress means?
Youth can handle it in a different way, as winners are not the ones who do different things but who do things differently. I’m sure they would have sought out some better and peaceful methods of taking people out of the dilemma.
Talking about the blasts in various places like Ahmedabad and Bangalore, it is the youth that is doing such impish act. In each and every corner of the city you’ll find two youth skirmishing with each other. Instead why don’t they opt in for good things? Why do they do all such things? Most probably because they hate peaceful areas and love to disgrace themselves. The Amarnath agitation which took place about a year ago, would not have worsened if the youth would have governed the state. It caused tremendous chaos, pollution and miseries.
The current scenario needs young blood to change the old world into Youngistan!

Addiction to Mobile Phones

Cell Phone AddictionRecently saw a 5-year-old child handling the iPhone. I was pretty amazed to see such a drastic change of world. Every person be a small one or a 90 year old does own a cell phone. Thanks to technology that we have become addicted to cell phones. Of course they are of great utility but their excessive use has lead to their addiction. I would adhere to the fact that cell phones have disrupted the normal and merry life of people. Seeing the pros, I would say that they help to do many works on a single click and browse through anything and do whatever a person desires. But coming on to the cons, the cell phones are leading to brain tumours and many other problems like Cell phone elbow. Till now we had just heard about Tennis elbow but friends, here’s another one. ‘Cell Phone elbow’ is caused because of the wrong angle at which the elbow is bent when one holds the mobile. This alone is not the problem. Problems like ear ache and hence other serious consequences come along with mobiles, something we are considering our Gods.
Basically cell phones were created with the aim of helping people to overcome the problem of lack of time. The people who really need cells are the working class (doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc) and of course the construction workers to some extent as they can be communicated with ease and called up as per the requirement. But youngsters having cell phones doesn’t make sense. Phones have become a status symbol for them and so they have become phone addicts. Phones have replaced humans in terms of friendship and work also! I guess children when asked about their friends would certainly include their PS’, i-Phones, Surface computers, etc. Every time the cell is ringing and disturbing us. People are being devoid of their sleeps and are becoming insomniac. Their lives are being badly affected.
On one hand they use such gadgets and on the other hand they go to peace and meditation centers; though both are completely opposite to each other. We first misuse a thing and then look for peace. After all, they try to be away from gadgets for some time and experience their minds being calmed down and they understand the meaning of life. If we prevent the excessive use of mobiles, we will realize that life is a wonderful gift wrapped radiantly by the generator, operator and destructor. If thinking all the time about the phone is not addiction, then what is it? If being possessive or obsessed about is not addiction, then what is it? We have become machines and are not thinking about the cons of addiction. I call such a thing addiction because it is like the situation of a person for whom passing a day without his drug is impossible. The person becomes impatient and anxious.Cell Phone Addiction

So, the drug, which is governing our lives and has become out master, is the mobile- the root cause of all evil. We have lost sensitivity towards humans but have gained sensitivity towards mobile phones. We are careful that our phone doesn’t get even a small scratch but don’t care of those who suffer millions of scratches every minute and everyday. I would say that from now onwards, the phone is our breath, our life and our saviour.

Lifestyle of youngsters

Gen YThe young generation has got an altogether different form of lifestyle. While few get up late and enjoy their life to the fullest, the others burn the midnight oil to achieve the desired goals of life. Some of them become a victim of drug addiction. The addicts get into constant usage of cigarettes, etc because according to them it makes them feel out of the world. They live in a different world and feel “high”. They might do such things as an attempt to do something enthralling because of wrong peer pressure, academic ore otherwise pressure from society or parents. In many cases parents fail to understand the psyche of their child and hence he becomes an introvert and is unable to express himself freely. He then does not know what is right and wrong. However, tension is the root cause of the evil. Youngsters are experiencing a lot of tension mainly because of the education system. This system believes more in rote learning and not understanding. The one who rotes the book to the fullest brags with the highest percentage and the one who tries to understand the meaning of the things has a fairly low chance of even passing the exam. Education becomes exciting only when there’s something new to learn and when one understands the meaning of what he studies. Learning and then repeating like a parrot will help us to achieve the highest marks but we will lack the essential components of life. Many of the young people even commit suicide because of dissatisfaction with their academic marks or when they fail. Is securing 100% marks the only thing in life? Is getting less than that mean a person is nil? Or does it mean the end of life? There are so many cases in our country wherein innocent students of grade 8, 9, etc commit suicide and many times wrong behaviour of the authorities also plays a role. When a child becomes unruly, does it mean that he has to be rusticated? Recently an 8th grader in Mumbai committed a suicide only because the principal was ready to expel him from the school and wanted to contact his parents immediately. Such things are very disheartening.
Moving on to work, the Generation “Y” also called Gen Y or Gen Next very nicely combines the work at desk and entertainment. Such youngsters do their work sincerely and efficiently and at the same time enjoy their lives. These are the new ones but certain don’t even get a chance to enjoy or be a little free. They are over worked, so much to the extent that they become dejected and try to put an end to their lives.
This was the bitter truth of the society. Throwing light on the spending capacity, I am sure that the youngsters have a lot of spending capacity in terms of buying latest and costliest gizmos, SUVs, bikes and catching up the latest fashion. They are trapped in the cobweb of show off. They are unable to break the complicate bands of this web and they wont be able to break them off. Mind my words, this trend wont come to an end. Few out of the juvenile chunk are glued to their personal cell phones playing games, texting and the most important thing for them- networking. Such a lifestyle is not a healthy one wherein a person is addicted and has lost contact with the world and loves to be aloof.
One can also see few intelligent people whiling away their time doing nothing. This is also not good for a country because those who have the capability to do work are being devoid of it.
Change and development have to be brought about by these very people but when they are lost in themselves, what will happen to our India? The young blood has mammoth power to bring about an affirmative change in the society.

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