YOU are responsible

Global Warming is not a local issue but a global issue

Yes, you read it right. This time my words would be direct and not sugar coated. YOU are responsible for global warming. It’s not YOU alone but many like you. It’s easy to play a blame game but difficult to swallow the truth. Is the West responsible more than anyone else? Definitely yes but YOU are no less. Incessant pollution, deforestation and what not…. I cant even think of what YOU are doing. Are YOU in your senses? Or can YOU go to any extent to satisfy your needs? YOU selfish HUMAN! It’s high time when YOU wake up man! YOU are the root cause and you got to accept the fact without contradicting it. Will YOU ever do something or sleep over it. Don’t YOU remember, “We’ve not inherited Earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from future generations”? Isn’t that enough?
After all, WHEN? JUST WHEN?
Forget about big steps take small measures atleast. Come on now! Make sure YOU are not a liability on this planet. If others don’t do anything Just DO IT and let’s ALL make it happen.


Anti Crackers Diwali

Anti Crackers DiwaliI am very proud to state that this time my Diwali was completely an anti-crackers one. It was all the more pleasing to read about the drop in sales of crackers along with the decrease in the air pollution level in many cities across the country. It clearly shows that the mindset of the people is changing.

What can be a better piece of news than this?

Yes, we are being the change and definitely we all can collectively do it. It’s not about simply reading about environment conservation and sleeping over it. It’s a matter of taking an action NOW. Little steps go a long way in determining our future…

Spending huge amounts on crackers alone is nothing to flaunt. Instead that is foolishness and nothing else. So; respect for all those who were environment friendly this year and let it be our responsibility to inspire others to refrain from anti-environment activities.

World Earth Day

Each Day Earth DayApril 22 marks World Earth Day. Earth is such a precious gift to us that we have forgotten in our selfish nature the harm we are causing to it. Hustle and Bustle of urbanization has resulted in a lot of tribulations. We are relentlessly depleting the natural resources without realizing the repercussion. Earth Day need not be celebrated only once a year but every day in our day- to- day activities. The time has gone when sermons would function. Our everyday contribution can make a lot of difference. Carbon emissions are increasing like anything and to add to human miseries the recent natural ash clouds due to the burst of Volcano in Iceland has caused inconvenience.

We not be a carborexic who are fanatics but we can do little bit like planting trees, using CFLs, paying E-bills, conserving the energy by switching off lights, etc.  More and more business organisations are opting for green offices and buildings which is a welcome step. Such techniques need to be adopted at individual as well as government level for a greener future. Simple steps can go a long way to shape the future of the coming generations because we have not inherited the Earth from our forefathers but we have borrowed it from our future generations. Everything is up to us only. It is we who can do it. The question arises that If not Earth, where? If not now, when? And if not you, who? We are the writers of our future. The power lies in our hand, so why not act now?
At this time, I am reminded of the 2 lettered 10 words that are very motivational taught to us in schools that, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” So, if it is to be globally, it has to be locally. Think globally to act locally.

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