Free of Corruption?


It’s been more than 70 years since we are independent but there’s something that gnaws me from within and a little question always bothers me, viz. after independence, are we really free from corruption?

 CORRUPTION– the big monster! It is the indeed the root cause of all problems. I really wonder when will my country develop and be a super power and ultimately, my heart shrinks when the newspaper blares about the scams. What an irony that those who raise their voices against the wrongdoers are demoted from their jobs. A great deal at that!

While watching a comedy show, I heard a person saying that “These days, work cannot be done without bribing” . I suppose that is just an excuse to escape the efforts.And I promote the idea given in that very show that if we can shoot videos of actors, then why not make a video of such wrongful acts and let it go viral via media and social networking sites?

More than that, exercise your right to Vote. Always remember that every vote counts and show the power of honesty by choosing the right person.This is what I call the Power of us’. Image

Yes, together we can do it!

We need to come out with pragmatic solutions instead of being watchdogs or partners in crime. It’s high time that we become responsible citizens. We need to be the first movers and have dynamic approaches. It’s is a heartfelt appeal to the readers to pledge once and for all that they would never in their lifetime bribe anyone for any work whatsoever and will try their best to bring forth the shameful acts. Then only, I suppose the purpose of life be fulfilled since the real purpose of life is to follow the right path and this is just a simple way to achieve it. I really hope that if not all, then at least a few people are influenced by my words. “Working towards a corruption-free India”

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Beauty of Indian Monsoons

Monsoon-Source of Peace

Monsoon-Source of Peace

Monsoon basically has come from the Arabic word ‘mawsim’ meaning weather and it refers to the gracious bounty of the generator, operator and destructor in the form of merciful rains. Indian is a land of splendor and serenity. The monsoons instill the place with greenness. Monsoon is the only time when air freshens and dormancy comes to an end. It is a time when mother earth gives us the message of togetherness and hopefulness. Not only the trees regain their lives but also human beings learn purity, patience and selflessness from their mother, Planet Earth. The verdant fresh leaves coming out of the branches instill in us elation. The nature is so splendid that it yolks happiness and forbearance in a cloud of rejoice.
Birds chirrup in their euphoria and humans in their own ways. The farmers who are most dependent on the Indian monsoons and more particularly the rains consider the monsoons to be their Christian Soul driving them out of all wretchedness and melancholy. Just like a Christian Soul drives the stranded passengers out of an isolated isle, similarly the monsoons help everyone particularly the agricultural farmers in our country. For them it is their life redeemer. Rains bring respite to everybody. The scorching heat is given a break and the animal and insect life reverts to square one. We get to know what life in reality is. Monsoon is the only time when we see the hibernated elements coming to life. The rains floods our emotions and the next moment we are on cloud nine. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the water gushing from the hills and the crystal clear and diamond pure rains pouring from their heavier counterparts. It is a delight to watch the birds swinging flawlessly and other creatures slithering or running. A sense of satisfaction enables us to work better as well. Life in the monsoon season cannot just be expressed in words. It is our priceless possession and we must thank our beloved mother for that for because of her we are enjoying all the necessities and opulence of life.Beautiful Monsoon
Busy in the hustle-bustle of our lives, we never realize the importance of winsome Earth, which has given us the birth and nurtures us even after death. Unfortunately in the moribund of urban lives we have forgotten about her. She works for us every day and every minute yet we remain thankless and greedily ask for more. Nature is our life and our soul; we should rather thank her in our gratitude.

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